Enabling Trusted Environments for Digital Governments & Enterprises

Welcome to TrustCore!

TrustCore is an organisation which is set up to assist government organizations, financial services institutions and other enterprises as a truly trusted and independent advisor to handle the challenges and take the opportunities of the digital age, especially in realising trusted environments and eco-systems.


TrustCore is uniquely able to help to address these challenges and opportunities and to align an organization’s business and ICT, as it can address these challenges and opportunities from multiple angles / perspectives / dimensions simultaneously like:

  • Strategy  & Policy
  • Governance/Risk/Compliance
  • Enterprise & Security Architecture
  • Information and ICT Security
  • Service Management


TrustCore’s founder and partners have years of experience and a broad network of true experts, nationally and internationally, who have conducted projects for both international and EC institutions as well as public and private sector organizations (including national and regional governments and agencies, A- and B-level financial institutions, transportations & utility companies, …).


Erik R. van Zuuren, TrustCore's founder (, was one of the founding fathers of the Belgian eID card and went on to, amongst others, establish critical building blocks (incl eIdentity, eSignature, ... building blocks) for the digitization of the Flemish Government that further enabled and keep on enabling the realisation of a vast number of e-government services. Recently Erik also assisted, with his strategy- / governance- / architecture- / security-skills, in the establishing of the foundations for a cross-border eco-system / platform to exchange social security information in a fully trust-worthy way amongst 32 nations (of which 28 EC Member States).

TrustCore also participates in or is linked to organizations / bodies like  
Solvay Business School,, ISACA, LSEC, ...